The horror, the horror.

The horror, the horror.

Maybe you're new to Los Angeles, or maybe you've just decided you need to get out more. Either way, you're looking for things to do in the City of Angels that won't involve going to Universal CityWalk.

You pick up a Los Angeles Magazine, which enthusiastically suggests dinner at Trois Mec--for which you must purchase a ticket two weeks in advance in a Burning-Man-style online scramble. The prix-fixe dinner is $75 excluding alcohol, you cannot bring your own wine, there is a non-negotiable 18% service charge, and you must valet park.

That being a wee bit out of your price range, you decide to seek less exclusive advice and turn to the LA Times for fun weekend plans. "Have you heard of Coachella?" the headline inquires. There is a helpful sidebar that explains what a "food truck" is.

Oh, if only they were all this obvious...

Oh, if only they were all this obvious... has been blowing up your email with adventures to be had in LA, so you click on "Secret Hikes in LA" because, hey, hiking is free. The pictures are gorgeous and all the hikes sound really cool...but you've got to go to a different website for directions and even that website doesn't tell you where to park, and what if you get there and don't know what you're looking for because you're not exactly a Boy/Girl Scout and how do you know the difference between a "trailhead" and just a space in the brush that looks like there might be a trail there???

Now you're exhausted and you've spent your Happy Hour money on a magazine and a newspaper and it's rush hour anyway, so maybe you should just stay home with Netflix and a Trader Joe's Reduced-Guilt Mac 'n Cheese.


I'm passionately in love with Los Angeles, I've lived here for 15 years, and I haven't gone broke yet (fingers crossed). I want to share with you some of my favorite parts of the city, as well as tips 'n tricks I've learned to make living here just a little bit more affordable. Whether you’re just passing through or are here to stay, a starving artist or just looking to save a couple bucks here and there, I want you to love this city as much as I do...even on a shoestring.