Alcohol On Demand? Sign Me Up.

I would get this again.

I would get this again.

Tonight I decided that a crisp glass of white wine would pair perfectly with my Trader Joe's frozen-dinner spanakopita, but my cupboards were bare and rush hour effectively turns my neighborhood into the Thunderdome so no way was I getting back in the car one more time.

Then I remembered that somewhere I had seen advertised a liquor delivery app and had made a mental note to see if that was a real thing or if someone was messing with me.

It's a thing. And they totally deliver to my address.

I've looked into getting liquor delivered before--Pink Dot does it, as do a handful of other grocery delivery places. Unfortunately, you're paying the liquor-store premium price ($20+ on a $12 bottle of wine), PLUS tax PLUS a delivery fee PLUS tip for the driver. Becomes a really expensive bottle of not-great wine really fast.

But Drizly--which has both a website and an app--advertised that their prices are the same as in-store. I price-compared on a 750 mL bottle of Bulleit Bourbon: $22.99 at my Trader Joe's, $21.99 on Drizly! Neat!!

So there's a $5 delivery fee, and when you factor in a 15% tip on a $25 minimum's not dirt cheap? But it's not bad for the convenience. I decided to give it a shot.

Their wine selection is good, if not deep. And by that I mean--I recognized several bottles that I've had before and remember enjoying (a sommelier I am not). But in the white-wines-that-aren't-chardonnay category, they didn't have a TON to pick from. I was super excited to see that they offered one bottle of Gruner Veltliner--this is a light, minerally, crisp white that I have gotten really obsessed with recently. The bottle got a good review in a couple places online and was only $14.99, so in the cart it went.

I needed one more wine to push me over the $25 minimum, and was excited to find an A to Z Pinot Gris for $11.99. I LOVE the A to Z Pinot Noir but had never seen the Gris before, so I figured if I was just gonna try a random wine this would be a fun choice.

The total came out to just under $40--not what I like spending on two bottles of wine unless it's a semi-special occasion, but I justified it by deciding to write a blog post about my experience using Drizly and then writing this whole endeavor off on my taxes. GENIUS AMIRITE?

Drizly advertises delivery within 20-40 minutes, so I clicked "submit" and went to pre-heat my oven for those aforementioned spanakopita.

Almost immediately, my phone rang. It was Drizly, and the guy told me they didn't have the Gruner Veltliner in stock. Did I want to replace it with something different, or just have the Gris delivered and get a refund for the Veltliner?

taking fountain shopping tips wine sofia coppola riesling a to z pinot gris.jpg

Ugh. Seeing as it took me 20 damn minutes just to decide which wines to get, I was a little annoyed that I was expected to make this decision while I was on the phone with the guy. I chose the Coppola Sofia Rose, since I've had it before and it wasn't repulsive--but they didn't have that in stock either. Sadface. So I settled for the Coppola Sofia Riesling. I hadn't really wanted to get a cheap dessert-y wine, but I was under pressure.

Good news? The wine was at my door, delivered by a very nice gentleman, in under 30 minutes. The bad news? Neither whites were chilled. (Thankfully, that's what the freezer's for! That and frozen spanakopita.)

So, overall, I wasn't blown away by my Drizly experience. I do now have 100% more alcohol in my apartment than I did before this experiment started, but my bank account is also $40 poorer--and if I had just gone to the store, I would have spent about $20-25 on exactly the wines I wanted. But I also would have had to get in my car. And in LA, it's hard to put a price on not having to get in your car.

If you want to try Drizly for yourself, use promo code TAKINGFOUNTAIN for $5 off your first order!

Have you used Drizly and had a better (or worse) experience? Is there another liquor-delivery app for the LA area that you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below!