Get Serviced with the MyLA311 App!

I can't remember where I heard about this app, but I did, and I even downloaded it immediately thinking it might have some great stuff for this site. It didn't, really. The Twitter feed at the bottom is perpetually loading (that might just be my phone?), the Find City Info map is neat but nothing I would use instead of Google, and my LADWP bill is on auto-pay so no need for that function.

But as I was walking Chance one morning, I almost killed myself tripping on the uprooted sidewalk in front of my place. Honestly, it looks like a scale model of the Cascadia subduction zone, and it is NEARLY as hazardous.

It got me thinking...somebody should really fix that. Which is totally a service request.

So I fired up the MyLA311 app and clicked on "Submit a Service Request." I took a picture with my phone, filled out the description, subscribed to email updates, and went along my merry way. I did get an email that verified receipt of my request, but after that...crickets.

taking fountain los angeles myla311 app sidewalk.jpg

And then, one morning, I was letting Chance sniff around the sidewalk, and LO AND BEHOLD SOMEONE HAD COME IN THE NIGHT AND PAVED OVER THE SUBDUCTION ZONE. Ok, I don't actually know if they came in the night, but I never saw them do it. One day, it was just fixed. Sure, it could be prettier. But it's much better than what it was. And it took less than three months!! Not bad, considering Beverly Boulevard still has potholes that threaten to eviscerate my car when I go too fast.

So check out the MyLA311 app! It's free, it makes requesting services like fixing potholes relatively painless, and you will feel like an in-touch citizen. Yay technology!

Feel like an even more in-touch citizen by joining the Taking Fountain Community Facebook group! You could even post pictures of YOUR filled-in potholes and we'll all OOH and AAH.