Last-Minute Amazon Gift Ideas

It happened again. You really intended for things to be different this year, but you waited too long and now your gift-giving options are restricted to items you can find on Amazon.

Fortunately, I (and most of my family members) do most of our shopping via Amazon. Hopefully something in the list below will solve that one last gift you were stuck on!

Nest Cam

I'm obsessed with mine (read my review here). It was a Christmas gift from my brothers a couple years ago, and I am grateful for it every time I leave the house and can keep an eye on my dog while I'm out. It streams a live video feed to the app on your device (as long as you're connected to the internet--not necessarily wifi) for no extra cost; if you want to record the footage, that storage costs an extra monthly fee. I don't do that.

Sleepypod Dog Car Harness

Do you feel a little guilty every time you put your dog loose in your car? Maybe you will after you watch this video about Booter, who died in a car accident. Then you should go to the Sleepypod website to see crash test videos--and also how to size your dog for one of these, because you need one.


Filson Men's Small Duffel Bag

A couple years ago, I spent a ton of time researching men's duffel bags in order to get my then-boyfriend the perfect gift. On the one hand, I now regret that I spent ANY time on him at all, but I don't regret that I can now inform you that the absolute best choice for a quality duffel bag at a reasonable (i.e. not astronomical) price is a Filson. I also don't regret that I got him the even-more-reasonably-priced J. Crew rip-off. Jerk. (But if you really like whoever you're giving this to, go ahead and spring for the Filson, this bag will last forever.)

Polk Audio AM5109-A Nue Voe Headphones in Tortoiseshell/Gold

When I asked my mom to send me her favorite Amazon products, this is the first link she sent me. She LOVES these headphones--they're technically good headphones, but they're also really pretty and apparently quite comfortable. Would be a really nice upgrade for someone who's always losing their iPhone headphones.

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone or Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone

The other link my mom sent me was to her phone cover, the SurfacePad (on the right). She loves this cover and has had it in both camel (pictured) and red--they're both beautiful. She loves how slim it is; I prefer my phone case which is also a wallet (and looks like a tiny book seriously IT'S SO CUTE). In fact, I've used the Twelve South BookBook for my last four iPhones. Either of these would make a great gift.

Building Stories, by Chris Ware

This is for the hipster in your life (who isn't like cutting-edge hip, because this came out in 2012, but who appreciates hip art even a couple years later). It's a melancholy "graphic novel" that is actually several pieces of graphic literature that all come in a giant box. The stories are meant to be read out of order, almost like found footage--together, they tell the story of a life. The experience of reading it is like stumbling through someone else's memories. It's really something--and a beautiful conversation piece/coffee-table book!

This is for the bitterly-single person in your life DON'T BUY THIS FOR ME I ALREADY HAVE IT. In fact, I even reviewed it. I listened to the audiobook, which was great because Ansari narrates it and it's like listening to the lovechild of an Ansari stand-up special and a Radiolab podcast. But apparently the hard-copy version has neat graphs. It's actually an incredibly helpful manual on how the dating scene has changed in the past few generations, and what you can do to make it a little bit less painful for yourself today.

ONEHOPE Pinot for Paws Woof! Gift Set

And finally, if all this consumerism is taking a toll on your Christmas spirit, why don't you give a gift that gives back? I recently wrote a post on several options for gift-giving that help out great causes, but if you're trying to get something by Christmas, you'll most likely have to go through Amazon. Which means you should click here. ONEHOPE Wine offers several different gift boxes and crates, as well as individual bottles of wine (and wine club options). Each bottle supports different causes, such as autism, breast cancer research, or--in the case of this particular gift box--finding homes for shelter dogs. Woof!

I hope this little round-up either served up the perfect last-minute gift, or at least got your brainstorming going. Happy Holidays, everyone!

What's YOUR favorite last-minute Amazon product? Let us know in the comments below (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page) or join the conversation on the Taking Fountain Community page!