If You're in Burbank: Luna Vine Wine Bar

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Magnolia Boulevard is home to some of my favorite shops in Los Angeles, but it has been decidedly lacking in places I would want to actually sit and converse in for any length of time. So I was SUPER excited to see an adorable little wine bar open up right next door to Artesano's and just a block from Playclothes. My friend Natasha and I dropped by recently (during Ladies & Gents Night Out) and indulged in some wine and tapas at the Luna Vine Wine Bar.

It's a small spot but they've done a GREAT job of maximizing seating. I'm sure Ladies & Gents Night Out is one of their busiest nights, and still there were seats at the bar AND tables available. They've got one large table in the front window, plenty of bar seating, and maybe 8 tables in the back.

It's also surprisingly well-staffed for such a small place. I want to say there were four or five women (all women!) running the place. Our waitress, Ryan (spelling?), was awesome from the start. Even though they were pretty slammed, she was super-friendly and attentive.

taking fountain los angeles bar review lune vine wine bar.jpg

It took us a while to decide what to drink--they have 50 wines available by the glass and 8 craft beers on tap (plus bottles available).

Sidenote: If this place did what Covell does and offer tastes of a few different wines before you order a glass, it would be pretty damn perfect. I feel like every wine bar should be stealing this trick. It's the one reason I'll put up with the ridiculous parking situation and complete lack of seating at Covell just for the privilege of paying $15+ for a glass of wine.

Finally I settled on a rosé--wish I'd gotten a shot of the bottle because it was a great wine. Crisp, summery, not too sweet. (P.S. REALLY sorry that these are iPhone photos, the battery on my DSLR died just as we sat down.)

Then I had to do that thing where I attempt to ruin my server's day by confronting them with my food allergies. Ryan, however, took it like a CHAMP.  She was, in fact, so cool about it that she went through the menu with me and let me know which dishes I should request to be modified in the future to accommodate my nut allergy (they apparently serve a walnut bread with some dishes).

taking fountain los angeles bar review luna vine wine bar.jpg
taking fountain los angeles bar review luna vine wine bar.jpg

We got the bread with two butters (truffle butter and brown sugar butter on rustic sourdough baguette OH MY GOD I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN), crostini with olive tapenade (very heavy on the kalamata, in a good way if you love a strong olive flavor as I do), and burrata with pesto. It was all delicious--the micro-greens on the burrata were so fresh I wouldn't be surprised if they grow their own.

Good food, good wine, lovely ambiance, great service...next time I go shopping on Magnolia, I will definitely be leaving enough time to enjoy a glass of wine and a snack before I head home with my loot!

Have you hit up Luna Vine Wine Bar? Did the flavored butters blow your mind, too? Let us know what your experience was like in the comments below, or let me know if you've got a favorite place in Burbank I should check out!