Johnny Carson once asked Bette Davis what advice she would give to those trying to make it in Hollywood. She responded, “Whenever possible, take Fountain.”

This blog started as my "take Fountain"--my way to share my favorite life-hacks and shortcuts I've learned as I have become an Angeleno.

I thought I'd really enjoy doing a "local's guide"-type blog, filled with restaurant reviews and this-weekend-in-LA listicles. Turns out...I did not, not on a regular basis anyway. I did, however, enjoy regularly writing about dogs and cheap wine. So those have evolved into their own projects.

What does that leave at Taking Fountain? Just me.

I moved to Los Angeles when I was 18 to attend UCLA and maaaaaybe pursue a professional career as an actor. My path since then has been a meandering one--less taking Fountain, and more taking Santa Monica to Doheny to Sunset to Fairfax to Hollywood to La Brea to Franklin to Highland to the 101.

But in my time here, I've learned that "taking Fountain" doesn't necessarily mean the fastest way, or the straightest shot, or even the route with the fewest unprotected left-hand turns.

It's about finding your way through LA. The route you like best, whatever that means for you. On this blog, I'll share my route--that might still mean reviews of my favorite restaurants, or interviews with people I find particularly interesting, or just things I'm thinking about. It's gonna be whatever I feel like doing at that particular moment.

Like life, it's always a work in progress, but we’ll get where we’re going—probably by taking Fountain.

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