Johnny Carson once asked Bette Davis what advice she would give to those trying to make it in Hollywood. She responded, “Whenever possible, take Fountain.”

It’s the original Los Angeles life-hack.

You moved here because you had big dreams. You never envisioned yourself with a cookie-cutter life and a 9-to-5 job, and Los Angeles is the place you go to make your dreams reality. So you overcame your fear of failure and decided to make a life following your passion, whether that's acting or music or writing or producing or fashion or any of the other myriad reasons people find their way to the City of Angels.

Los Angeles, however, can be a brutal dream-crushing monster, and we've all felt that panic when things aren't going very well--"Maybe I should have just gone into accounting. Or medicine. I could still go back to school, I guess?"

But the truth is, you already made it. You're here. At least you won't regret never having tried. It's time to stop comparing your life with what you thought "making it" would look like, and start making your life everything you want it to be right now. On any budget, in any neighborhood, no matter what you thought you wanted yesterday, and no matter what your Starmeter says today.

Every day, I try to balance “making a living” with “making a life," and Taking Fountain is my way of sharing the life-hacks and lessons I have learned along the way. I want to talk with you about the day-to-day stuff, like the restaurants I've found where you can get a dinner's-worth of great food for Happy-Hour-tapas prices, and where to shop to get stuff that looks like you went to Melrose when really you went to Burbank. But I also want to have discussions about the big stuff--careers you can explore while you pursue your real dream job (that could possibly become your dream job), or why you should stick it out for one more day when you feel like maybe it's time to pack up your car and head home.

I'm right there with you. I'm finally a working actor, but it took awhile, and there are still things I want to achieve. It's always a work in progress, but we’ll get where we’re going—probably by taking Fountain.