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Friends of Taking Fountain

Many of my friends have their own little corners of the Internet, as well, and they'd all love to see you in their neck of the woods!

  • Evan Gaustad is a comedy writer, blogger, and our first guest poster! Check out his travel-blog here!
  • Jacqueline Lopour rides horses and travels the world. Oh, and she's also one of the smartest people I've ever met. Follow her adventures at Equitraveler!
  • Mandy Hinkle is a mom and yogi who blogs over at Mothers of the Year. Her writing is by turns hilarious, moving, inspiring, and heartbreaking--but always excellent.
  • Michael James Schneider is a brilliant writer who blogs about relationships and life (but mainly relationships) at BLCKSMTHdesign, and makes me feel inadequate on Apartment Therapy.
  • David Ifergan is a foodie and beer enthusiast (I feel like the Germans probably have a word for that) and documents it all on his Foods and Brews Blog!
  • Michael Lanahan is an actor and a gentleman. Get a sampling of his myriad talents on his eponymous website!
  • Megan Crockett is an actress and stage manager par excellence. Check out her site and like her Facebook page!
  • Brian Van Alstyne and Michael Demko take you on a fantastic journey into the world of television on their podcast, TV for Vendetta (links to their interview with yours truly)!
  • My friend Jason Charnick is almost done with an incredible documentary about his dad called Getting Over!
  • AJ Scudiere writes intelligent suspense that explores the edge of reality and always asks a deeper question--check out her latest here!
  • Handsome Jack is a world-famous magician (and male model) who is one of my favorite performers of ALL TIME.